Local Press

From the Star Tribune this week:

  • A review of Elissa Elliott’s novel Eve: “Elliott’s imaginative and convincing portrait of Eve ought to give book clubs plenty to talk about, and will leave Bible study groups even more to argue over.” Elliott will be in the store for a reading on Tuesday, February 3.
  • Another review of The Rose Variations, a novel by Marisha Chamberlain, who will be at the Loft Litery Center on February 21 and in our store on March 1.
  • A conversation with Dessa, musician and new author about her collection of short storiesSpiral Bound. A release party for the book will be held on Saturday February 7th, at 8:30pm, Dessa of Doomtree celebrates the release of her first book, Spiral Bound, in the Dowling Studio at the Guthrie Theater (818 South 2nd Street, Minneapolis). Tickets are $14.00 and are available now at www.Guthrie.org.