Pants on Fire

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Andy Riley any more, he goes and proves me wrong. Riley is the author and cartoonist behind the wildly funny Book of Bunny Suicides and its sequels. They’re genius.

Now I learn that he’s also produced two eminently useful books–Great Lies to Tell Small Kids and Loads More Lies to Tell Small Kids. They’re positive fountains of incorrect information, such as “When I was your age, cars all had anchors and topmasts.” Or, “One in ten fish are afraid of water.”

So if you want to lie to a child in your life, get one or both of these useful guides. You won’t regret it.–David E

UPDATE: Since we put these books out late last night, we’ve sold through half our stock. Run–don’t walk–to get your copy.

UPDATE 2 (12/11/08): We’re down to our last copy of Loads More Lies to Tell Small Kids. We may not get more in time for the Xmas lying season. I beg you, hurry in. Don’t let your children know only the boring truth. Give the gift of wonderful, entertaining lies this year.